AIRVAC vacuum sewer systems for private land development

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AIRVAC systems are ideal for private land developments as they offer some unique

benefits and advantages, especially those interested in developing a green community.

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"I recommend developers take a look at the AIRVAC system. It can save you time and money and improve quality." -Richard Foster- President, Baymark Construction

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Developer Benefits and Advantages

Cost Savings

An AIRVAC system uses small diameter pipe laid in shallow trenches with no manholes. As a result, the cost to install a vacuum system is almost always less than a gravity flow system. Once installed, the savings continue as the tight system does not allow infiltration and inflow (I&I). This is especially important when treatment is being provided by others on a cost per gallon basis.

State-of-the-Art Green Technology

AIRVAC vacuum sewer systems are used throughout the world and are rapidly becoming the sewer system of choice for many. This leading edge technology conserves natural resources, is environmentally friendly, and allows system operators to avoid direct contact with raw sewage as well as man-entry into confined spaces.

Deferred Costs

Some costs of an AIRVAC system can be deferred or even passed on the lot purchaser. For instance, vacuum valves do not have to be purchased initially. The developer can either defer this expense until a property is sold, or pass it on to the lot owner by including it in the selling price.

Overcome Site Conditions

An AIRVAC vacuum sewer system can be used to overcome site difficulties such as flat land, sandy soils, high groundwater and rock, which are common in new developments. Because the horizontal and vertical direction of our sewer mains may be changed easily, developers have more flexibility in site configurations and lot layout..

More Lots Available for Sale

One AIRVAC vacuum station typically replaces five or six lift stations necessary in a gravity-flow system, resulting in additional lots available for profitable home sites. An added benefit is the elimination of hard-to-sell lots that are located adjacent to these lift stations.

Environmentally Friendly

AIRVAC vacuum sewer systems conserve and protect natural resources. Shallow, narrow trenches and absence of manholes result in less surface disruption during construction compared to the deep, wide trenches that are typical of a gravity system. Tight by nature, AIRVAC vacuum sewer systems are not affected by I&I nor can sewage leak into the environment..

Universally Accepted Technology

Typically developers install sewer systems that will be operated and maintained by others, such as a City. With a proven track record in the municipal market, Aqseptence Group Inc. is available to help the developer explain the features and benefits to those who will ultimately maintain must the system.