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AIRVAC installation support How well your vacuum sewer system operates is largely dependent on how well it is installed. This is where Aqseptence Group Inc.'s Field Service Support can play a vital role. Our vacuum sewer expertise and experience during the installation phase helps ensure the highest level of vacuum sewer system performance. Aqseptence Group Inc.'s support during installation phase is your assurance of excellence now and for years to come. Download our Field Services Brochure for more information.

Most entities that are about to install their first vacuum sewerage system have a certain amount of apprehension. This is especially true as the project enters the critical stages of start-up and initial operation. To ease these fears, Aqseptence Group Inc. can assist the engineer and owner during this critical period. This team approach will go a long way to ensuring the success of the project.



"Field conditions constantly change and AIRVAC's experience and advice allows my crews to make field adjustments in a matter of minutes. We want full time AIRVAC field services from the minute we start a project." - Joe Musgrave

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Field Service Support

Depending on your need, construction field services can be provided on a full time, half time or part time basis.

Full time:
A trained Field Service Representatives is on site from the beginning of installation and every day until the job is complete and the system is operating as designed. This option ensures the highest level of system performance.

Half time:
A trained Field Service Rep is on site 50 percent of the time during the installation period.

Part time:
A trained Field Service Rep is on site during critical stages of the construction phase.

10 Reasons To Select Full Time Field Services:

1. Construction Oversight Support – Even the best inspector can't be everywhere at once. An AIRVAC Field Service Rep gives you another trained pair of eyes examining the installation. This allows the engineer's inspector to be available for other work activities, extending his expertise over a larger portion of the job.

2. Optimum System Performance – Our Field Service Rep will examine every foot of newly installed pipe and make suggestions as needed to ensure optimum hydraulic and vacuum performance. It's yet another assurance that your system will operate at peak efficiency when it goes on-line.

3. Risk Reduction
– Having a Field Service Rep on hand throughout the installation reduces the risk of having any system problems when it goes on-line. For consulting engineers, it's an added layer of quality assurance.

4. Extended System Operator Training
– When it comes to system operation, there is no substitute for proper training. When AIRVAC Field Service Representatives are on site throughout the entire installation, they are able to provide hands on training to system operators. That extra training is extremely valuable and pays off over the lifetime of the system.

5. Extended Warranty
– Aqseptence Group Inc. feels so strongly about the benefits of full time field service support that we will extend our standard warranty to three full years on valves and pits.

6. Discounts on Spare Parts
– Discounts on spare parts are provided when a Full Time Field Services Representative participates in the installation.

7. Enhanced Technical Support In The Future
– By the time the job is completed, the AIRVAC Field Representative will have a thorough understanding of your system and detailed notes from the job. That will help enormously in the future when you are considering line extensions or just need specific technical information about your system.

8. The Cost Is Minimal
– The cost of a Full Time Field Service Rep is typically less than 2% of the total project cost. This small investment helps ensure better system performance for years to come. It's an investment you will recapture many times over in operational savings during the lifetime of the system.

9. Less Contractor Down Time
– Contractors installing a vacuum system for the first time may face uncertainties that can cause work stoppages resulting in lost time and money. Our Field Service Reps are trained in vacuum sewer construction, so they can help minimize these situations and keep the project progressing on schedule.

10. Fewer Change Orders
– Our trained Field Service Representatives can help resolve unforeseen installation issues in a timely manner. This helps avoid change orders. Our Field Service Reps have seen virtually every situation that can occur and they usually know the best solution.

System Startup & Initial Operation

Aqseptence Group Inc. can provide line and vacuum station start-up, assistance with home-hookups, and even operation of the vacuum system. For more information, contact the AIRVAC Service Department located in our Home Office.