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AIRVAC Design supportOne of Aqseptence Group Inc.'s foremost strengths is the technical support we provide during the development of a project. With a combined 100+ years of experience involving projects in a variety of settings, our engineering department can provide the design engineer with all of the technical support required. Aqseptence Group Inc.'s design support material is in a format that is consistent with what engineering firms expect and use in their contract documents.

Aqseptence Group Inc.'s design philosophy is based on the system approach . This is detailed in our Design Manual.



"AIRVAC engineers and service technicians provide excellent assistance to both my clients and my staff for our vacuum systems." - Bob Paulette

"AIRVAC reviews all of our construction plans during design to make sure guidelines are being followed and to look out for our best interest. I would recommend this to everyone installing a vacuum system." - Phil Hubbard

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The System Approach

The major components of a vacuum sewerage system, including the interface valves, the piping network, and the vacuum station, are interrelated and must be designed to work as a system. To accomplish this, we work closely with the engineer during the design phase. This includes assistance with the piping profile, the vacuum station design, standard details, and sample specifications, as well as sending review comments on the draft plans and specifications. The net result is a vacuum sewerage system design based on the Aqseptence Group Inc. concept.