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AIRVAC preliminary system layout and budget estimateSince our inception Aqseptence Group Inc. has routinely prepared preliminary system layouts and cost estimates for potential systems in all geographic regions of the U.S. While every project and layout is unique, this experience allows us to quickly identify the problems of a particular situation and to offer the most cost effective sewer solution. Aqseptence Group Inc. also provides other educational services including seminars, factory and project tours and continuing education courses.


Preliminary Layout & Cost Estimate

Want to see if AIRVAC Vacuum Sewers are feasible and economical for your project? Aqseptence Group Inc. can provide a free budget estimate package which will include a preliminary vacuum system layout prepared in ACAD format. A Technical Report will summarize all of the pertinent technical information relating to the layout, including all component sizing. Both capital costs and annual O&M cost estimates will be provided. Supplemental information about other AIRVAC vacuum sewer projects and vacuum sewers in general can also be included.

To take advantage of this service, click here for the Estimate Request Form.



Aqseptence Group Inc. provides technical training seminars designed to increase the attendees comfort level with vacuum technology.

These seminars are free of charge:

Lunch Presentations (vacuum basics)

Design Seminars

The Introductory seminar provides an overview of the technology including a discussion of the major system components, how the system works, advantages of using vacuum, and Aqseptence Group Inc.’s support and service.  Many attendees follow this by scheduling a tour of our factory and/or an operating system.

The design seminar provides advanced technical information for those who are about to design an actual system. All aspects of vacuum design are covered including specifications, standard detail drawings, system component sizing, and hydraulic loss calculations.


Factory & Project Tours

To further the education process and allow federal regulatory officials, municipal officials, and engineers to feel more comfortable about vacuum technology, Aqseptence Group Inc. conducts factory tours, replete with practical demonstrations of the technology on our clear-pipe test rig.

For most, the only exposure to vacuum technology has been through what they've heard or read. Visiting the Aqseptence Group Inc. factory and the nearby Lake Manitou vacuum sewer system provides this comfort level. Some supplement this by visiting an operating system that is most similar to the one they are contemplating.

Most of the groups that visit the Aqseptence Group Inc. factory or an operating system report that their primary reason for doing so is to find out firsthand whether or not they, as responsible officials, can recommend this technology for their particular situation. These same groups report that these visits ultimately allowed them to make intelligent, educated decisions.

"We toured AIRVAC's test facility as well as a project in Tennessee. Once we came back from that trip, we were convinced vacuum sewers were the way to go." - Bill Zimmerman

Continuing Education

Aqseptence Group Inc.’s Rich Naret, P.E., recently authored the vacuum chapter of a WEF Manual of Practice (WEF MOP FD-12: Alternative Sewer Systems). This manual was published in 2008 and serves as the industry standard for vacuum sewer systems in the U.S.

Using some content from this manual, Mr. Naret created three on-line technical courses called "Vacuum Sewers 101", "Vacuum Sewers: Design and Installation Guidelines", and Vacuum Sewers: Operation and Management Guidelines that
Professional Engineers can take to receive continuing education credits.

For more information on how to receive continuing education credits and to view each course in .pdf format, click here.