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Gerald Porter
Chairman of the Board
Lake Bruce Conservancy District
Lake Bruce, IN

“One of the great things about working with AIRVAC is the fact that we have a service agreement with them. It has really been a great asset. They not only consulted us on the installation, but we have an arrangement where they operate and maintain the system. That’s a great benefit because they are doing it better than we can and for less.”

Jon Mott
General Manager
Orangefield Water Supply Corporation
Orangefield, TX

“Only months after installation of the AIRVAC vacuum sewer system, the water in Cow Bayou is cleaner and ditches once filled with sewage are dry and clean. But, the best news about Orangefield’s new vacuum sewer system is that it opens doors for community growth and development.”

Mayor Glenn Barrow
Hooper, Utah

“We have beautiful vacuum stations that fit in with the existing architecture, we saved money on installation and we will continue to save money on maintenance costs.”

Chuck Fishburn
General Manager
Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District

“The circumstances we face here in the Keys led us to select vacuum sewer technology. We went through the installation process and then saw how the system worked and we were very pleased with the outcome. Based on those initial projects, we decided to utilize vacuum sewers wherever we could.”

Susie Thomas
Director of Community Services
City of Marathon, FL

“Marathon’s sewer design won the Pisces Award from the EPA in part because of the innovative one-trench design for installation, which includes both sewer and stormwater piping, and was made possible by installing the AIRVAC vacuum sewer system.”

Ernie Wilson, P.E.
Public Service District
Fripp Island, SC

“We had no experience with vacuum sewer technology when we went into this project, so we were very skeptical. But we have been very pleased with the results now that the system is in service. I would recommend vacuum sewers to anyone with circumstances like ours.”

Craig Bliss
Water Reclamation Facilities
Sarasota County, FL

“AIRVAC’s presence during the construction phase is a major reason why our system has performed so well. They’re responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to make the system work to its optimum capability.”

Bill Powell
Operations Manager
Town of Cape Charles, VA

“AIRVAC’s Vacuum Sewer System requires less maintenance than a gravity system and is safer, since we never come in contact with raw sewage.”

Paul Moore
Utility Director,
City of Sanford
Sanford, FL

“We liked AIRVAC because it did not require large pipes nor deep burial depths.”

Miles Beach
Waterworks Utility Supt.
City of Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores, WA

“Our AIRVAC system was only one-third the cost of a gravity system and O&M is less.”

Chuck Adams
Operations Manager,
New Bern, NC

“The system is completely contained, which means workers have no exposure to the raw sewage, and there is little or no smell, even at the vacuum station.”

Bob Campbell
Vacuum Sewer Technician
Village of Palm Springs, FL

“The stations are easy access and real clean. It’s like a traditional lift station without the mess.”

Chuck Brunkhart
Village Administrator,
Forest, OH

“With vacuum you can ‘field engineer’ in some cases. You can actually redirect the line for a few feet to get around an obstacle such as a tree or buried utility you didn’t know was there. You can’t do that with a gravity sewer.”

Project Manager,
Div. Of Utilities,
Dept. of Environmental Services,
York County, VA

“I’d rather install an AIRVAC system compared to a gravity system because you don’t dig as deep, you don’t have the spoil piles, you’re not messing with trench boxes and there’s the safety factor-there are just so many reasons why vacuum technology is the way to go.”

Brian Woodward, PE
Chief of Utilities,
York County, VA

“Vacuum sewers are often your least expensive option, both in up front capital costs and in long-term maintenance.”

Phil Shalley
Account Superintendent
City of Silver Lake
Silver Lake, IN

“AIRVAC’s response has been fabulous every time I’ve needed help.”

Bill Davis
Assistant Public Services Director
Village of Palm Springs, FL

“The people from AIRVAC have been excellent to work with. Any time I have a question I can call and get answers.”


Carl Gaskill, P.E.
V. P., Fralinger Engineering
Alloway, NJ

“Alloway had been looking to replace its septic tanks for decades. . . AIRVAC’s approach to the problem changed the course of the project and gave Alloway an intelligent alternative to its sewer collection problem.”

Tracey Allen, P.E.
J.U.B. Engineers, Inc.
Hooper, UT

“The projected cost of a gravity system led us to consider other alternatives. One of the systems we considered was vacuum technology. At the time it was something we were unfamiliar with. The more we studied it, the more we realized that we could save a tremendous amount of money by installing vacuum sewers.”

Tom Salter, P.E.
Poggemeyer Design Group
Bowling Green, OH

“AIRVAC is the most flexible system I’ve ever worked with. Vacuum sewers really shine in the older communities when you’re just not sure what you’re going to run into underground.”

Don MacLennan, P.E.
President, Engineering Resources Group
Virginia Beach, VA

“Installing sewers in areas with flat terrain and high ground water present numerous challenges. AIRVAC’s Vacuum Sewer System provided my client with the solution to overcome these challenges.”

Skip Grodt, P.E.
Project Director
URS Consultants
Seattle, WA

“AIRVAC is an excellent system if you have flat ground, high groundwater, or rock.”

Mark Swilley
Engineer II
York County, VA

“Vacuum is often the most cost-effective option, both on capital costs as well as long term operational costs.”

Michael Elam, E.I.T.
Project Engineer
York County, VA

“I’ve been very satisfied with what AIRVAC does to support their system, with design advice, installation advice and their advice on operation and maintenance as well. Service after installation is critical and AIRVAC has always been very responsive.”

Randy Gould
Vice President
Rivers & Associates, Inc.
Greenville, NC

“AIRVAC’s design assistance, installation advice and operations support are unmatched.”

Bill Zimmerman
Consulting Engineer
HDR Engineering
Albuquerque, NM

“We toured AIRVAC’s test facility as well as a project in Tennessee. Once we came back from that trip, we were convinced vacuum sewers were the way to go.”

Robert J. Paulette, P.E.
Sr. Associate/Environmental Engineering Department Head
Wilson & Company, Inc. Engineers & Architects
Albuquerque, NM

“AIRVAC engineers and service technicians provide excellent assistance to both my clients and my staff for our vacuum systems.”

Phil Hubbard, P.E.
Operations Manager
Virginia Beach, VA

“AIRVAC reviews all of our construction plans during design to make sure guidelines are being followed and to look out for our best interest. I would recommend this to everyone installing a vacuum system.”

Jonathan Cole, P.E.
Giffels-Webster Engineers
Englewood, FL

“I would definitely recommend AIRVAC’s full time field services to anybody installing a vacuum system for the first time.”

Donald Eckler, P.E.
Eckler Engineering, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL

“We were pleased with success of the current project and will recommend an AIRVAC system again on similar projects.”

Doug Hammann, P.E.
Project Manager
Eckler Engineering, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL

“When traditional gravity sewer systems fell short of project requirements, we thought outside the box and found AIRVAC sewer systems would meet our needs.”


Richard Foster
President, Baymark Construction
Virginia Beach, VA

“I recommend developers take a look at the AIRVAC system. It can save you time and money and improve quality.”

Steve Rosser, P.E.
Land Manager, Ryland Homes
Orlando, FL

“From now on we will absolutely consider vacuum technology for our wastewater collection system. It is a cost-effective solution in circumstances like these.”


Jorge Fonte
Vice President
GlobeTec Construction
Pompano Beach, FL

“The Florida Keys has a combination of very high groundwater table, rocky soil and numerous existing utilities conflicts. The great success of the AIRVAC projects here was due in large part to the many advantages of the vacuum sewer system and their high degree of flexibility during installation.”

Joe Musgrave
General Superintendent
Kirk Bros. Company Inc.
Alvada, OH

“Field conditions constantly change and AIRVAC’s experience and advice allows my crews to make field adjustments in a matter of minutes. We want full time AIRVAC field services from the minute we start a project.”

Lee Ginn
Field Superintendant, Chesapeake Bay Contractors
Cape Charles, VA

“It’s a much simpler installation process than a gravity sewer. Because of the flat terrain around Cape Charles, this was a perfect application for vacuum sewer technology.”