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You've got a tough decision!


It is a tough job, and your community is depending on you on to make the “right” decision.


Many decisions need to be made when considering a sewage system for your community.

It is a tough job, and your community is depending on you on to make the “right” decision.

What is going to be the most cost-effective? Which one will be the easiest to operate and maintain? Which one will be the most reliable? Which one will create less disruption to the community during construction? Which one can easily expand as our community grows?

However, in today’s eco-conscious world, the questions do not stop there. Which system will be best for our surrounding ecosystem? Which one has the least potential of leaking untreated sewage into the environment? What health risks could I be exposing our operators to?

There is one solution that addresses all these questions, Airvac's vacuum sewer collection technology.


Airvac Vacuum Sewer Collection Systems are:

Cost-effective, Efficient and Reliable

Airvac Vacuum Sewer Collection Systems are clean, efficient, easy to maintain, easy to install and typically less expensive than other collection systems. It is a proven technology with a long history of success and reliability.

Environmentally Friendly

Our completely closed vacuum collection system prohibits the infiltration and inflow of groundwater from the valve pit to the vacuum station, protecting our environment from exfiltrating wastewater. It is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions available.

Safe for Operators

With an Airvac Vacuum Sewer Collection System, operators are not exposed to raw sewage or work in confined areas, minimizing their risk of exposure to viruses, bacteria, parasites, or harmful gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide. With our newest technologies, they also experience noise and heat reduction at the vacuum pump stations. This provides them with a more safe and comfortable work environment.

Less Disruptive to Communities

The fast and simple excavation required for an Airvac Vacuum Sewer Collection System creates shallower trenches, uses smaller diameter pipes, and smaller excavation equipment. Roads can remain fully or partially opened, creating far less disruption to your community than traditional gravity sewers. You will experience significantly reduced restoration, construction, and energy costs as well.

Severe Weather Ready

Because vacuum valves are pneumatically operated, the only source of power required for an Airvac vacuum sewer collection system is at the main vacuum station. Every Airvac vacuum station has a permanent back-up generator or a hook up for a portable generator, so power outages are never an issue.


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