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  • Vertically lift liquid up to 20’ without electricity at the source
  • Eliminate blockages due to high scouring velocities
  • No infiltration or exfiltration into/from piping
  • Construction duration is up to 60% shorter and installation cost less since piping can be installed in walls and ceilings
  • Contaminated liquids can be separated
  • Maintenance outside of controlled environments
  • Indoor, Outdoor and Integrated Systems
  • Airvac can provide the maintenance required to keep your system operating efficiently

How it Works

  • Liquid flows from facility sources to various evacuation units
  • Normally closed pneumatic interface valve opens & constant vacuum within the piping pulls liquid into the pipe
  • Vacuum station applies negative pressure to the small diameter piping network & centrally collects the liquid 
  • Multiple waste streams can be collected & discharged separately


  • FDA Regulated and Food Processing Facilities
  • Manufacturing Sites (Steel, Power & Chemical Plants)
  • Brownfield Site Construction
  • Green and LEED Projects
  • Stadiums, Exhibition Halls, and Arenas
  • Transportation: Trains, Planes, and Cruise Ships
  • Shopping Centers, Universities, Airports, and Bus Stations


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Der SchlĂŒssel zu unserem Erfolg

Basiert auf unserem umfassenden Leistungsspektrum sowie unserer jahrelangen Erfahrung und Know-How im Bereich der Wasser- und Abwassertechnologien, der Trennung von Feststoffen aus FlĂŒssigkeiten und Gasen sowie der Vakuumtechnologie, die wir unseren Kunden aus Industrie und Kommune anbieten. Unsere Produkte und Systemlösungen stehen seit Jahrzehnten fĂŒr Vielfalt, QualitĂ€t, ZuverlĂ€ssigkeit und Innovation!