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Eco Services, Baton Rouge, LA

Eco-Services is a $300M company with headquarters in Texas. Founded in the late 19th century as Stauffer Chemical, Eco Services has a long and distinguished history in chemical production and is the #1 provider of sulfuric acid in North America.


The plant is located in close proximity to the Mississippi River in an area with a high water table. The plant generates virgin and recycled sulfuric acid and was in need of a sewer and wastewater conveyance system that could operate under negative pressure rather than gravity, due to the fact that the high water table created conditions unsuitable for a gravity system.


Airvac designed a system that met all customer expectations and specifications using their proprietary vacuum sewer and wastewater system technology, sump valves and other customized plumbing hardware. The system ties in 10 buildings with one vacuum station and 12 Airvac valves for all gray and black water generated by the plant. Piping is buried in an area of high truck traffic that is subject to frequent ground shifting. The original system was installed in 1978 and still operates with many of its original parts. With 8 plants operating in the US, the Baton Rouge plant has had an operating Airvac system in service for nearly 40 years. Airvac is currently working with the customer on technology upgrades and improvements to the current system.

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