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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Municipal/Outdoor Market

As the market leader of vacuum technology, Airvac has worked for many decades with city planners, municipalities, architects, construction companies, consulting engineers, project developers and many more. The unique mix of engineering expertise, quality products, and best-in-class services set us apart.


Our customers rely on our innovative strength and our experience to achieve flexible and sustainable results.
No matter if you consider a vacuum sewer system for: sewer rehabilitation, replacement of septic tanks, the enlargement of a community – we are your professional and reliable partner. Benefit from our long-standing experience as well as the quality and reliability of vacuum sewer collection systems worldwide.
Vacuum sewer systems save money and time during construction and during operation.

Vacuum sewer collection systems are ideal when these conditions exist:

  • Failing septic tanks that are causing pollution
  • There are at least 25 connections - We have systems serving more than 10,000 connections!
  • Primarily residential connections - Commercial connections are also possible
  • Private developments
  • Areas with flat topography or moderate elevation change
  • Subsurface difficulties to overcome including a high groundwater table, sandy or unstable soils, rock, restricted construction conditions, and sensitive eco-systems


  • Airvac vacuum sewers use smaller diameter pipes and shallower burial depths than conventional gravity sewer systems. The resulting narrow, shallow trenches greatly reduce excavation, dewatering efforts, surface disruption and eliminate the dangers associated with larger, deeper trenches. The use of smaller fuel operated equipment also reduces the carbon footprint. 
  • Airvac vacuum sewer collection systems only require one power source, located at the vacuum station. Because vacuum valves are pneumatically operated, no power source is required by the homeowners. 
  • With an Airvac vacuum sewer collection system, operators do not come in contact with raw sewage or work in confined areas, minimizing the risk of exposure to viruses, bacteria, parasites or harmful gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Airvac’s completely sealed vacuum sewer collection system prevents infiltration and inflow of groundwater from the valve pit to the vacuum station, protecting the environment from exfiltrating wastewater. Because the vacuum system is closed from the valve pit to the vacuum station, inflow and infiltration are eliminated. Energy is not expended transporting or treating excess water from storm events and treatment plant demand is eased.  It is one of the most environmentally sound solutions available. 
  • A single vacuum station can often serve the same area that would traditionally require 6-7 lift stations, minimizing the building footprint and reducing energy use. 
  • The horizontal and vertical flexibility allow construction crews to avoid disruption of environmentally sensitive areas. Field changes can easily be made, and unforeseen underground obstacles can be avoided by going over, under, or around them.
  • In addition, vacuum sewers are an alternative solution particularly in regions where population growth is expected. The changeover from combined to separate sewer systems is carried out by creating a new separated vacuum sewer network. The former combined sewer lines can be used for storm water collection.


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