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Planning, Design and Construction

Airvac believes in the team approach - where we assist engineers, contractors, and owners in all phases of a project.


When planning and evaluating a potential sewer project, Airvac is here is assist. With specific information provided by the customer, Airvac will create a project layout and provide an estimate for the project.

Preliminary System Layout /Budget Estimate
Upon receipt of some basic project information, Airvac engineers will assist consulting engineers with the preparation of a preliminary system layout as well as a budget estimate. This information will be included in a web-based proposal package.

System layout/preliminary design/Technical information

A preliminary system layout including vacuum main sizing will be provided. Preliminary sizing of the vacuum pumps, sewage pumps and the collection tank will be presented. The estimated quantities of the various system components will be identified. Technical information will be provided that summarizes the design assumptions, line and station sizing, and the valve pit quantities required. Embedded videos, case studies of other vacuum projects and links to various topics are also included in the proposal package.

Cost information

A budget estimate will be provided that includes an estimate of both capital costs as well as the annual Operation & Maintenance costs.


Airvac is available to help throughout the design of the project. We are happy to be involved as much as needed. From the design of the vacuum station equipment to the profiling of the vacuum mains we are here to assist with and review the design. Airvac can also provide specifications and standard details for the vacuum system components.

Detailed Design Assistance

When a consulting engineer commences the detailed system design, an Airvac engineer will be available for design assistance ranging from engineering training to hands on design work. An Airvac engineer will also review the completed design to verify the aspects of the design that relate to the Airvac system.

Line profiling assistance

Airvac can provide assistance with vacuum main profiling. Typically, this includes assistance with profiling the most critical vacuum main. Airvac will review the line profiles when completed and do a hydraulic analysis of both static loss and friction loss.

Plan and Profile sheets

Each design firm has their own style and ideas on how much detail to include on the plan and profile drawings. Information that typically is included in other utility design work should be included in vacuum sewer plans as well. In addition, there are certain vacuum-specific items that need to be shown as well.


Airvac can provide a field service representative during construction. This can include a vacuum installation 101 presentation to help give the contractor a better understanding of how vacuum works and how components are to be installed. The representative can help give tips and instruction for many items including valve pit installation, vacuum main installation, and vacuum main testing. This person will help ensure that the project is installed properly, which will lead to a successful running system.

Construction Field Services

In our nearly 50-year history, one simple fact stands out: No matter how good the design, a vacuum system that is not constructed properly will experience problems. A correct installation is vital to the ultimate success of a vacuum system. Airvac can provide skilled field representatives to advise and assist contractors and consulting engineers with the construction of Airvac systems. In most first-time vacuum projects, Airvac recommends that a Field Representative be present during the entire construction period. For repeat clients, or for projects where a consulting firm with vacuum experience is involved, Airvac can provide part time field services.


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Actual Customer Comment:

"Airvac developed most of the specifications used in vacuum system design so itโ€™s always good to have their expertise for a job as big as this one. They have worked well with us to create a fail-safe functioning system that will experience minimal problems in the future." 

Taken from an article in CENews - September, 2009