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Airvac vacuum sewer systems are environmentally friendly, efficient, easy to maintain, easy to install and typically less expensive than other collection systems.

Communities in over 30 states and 38 countries around the world have installed Airvac vacuum sewer systems. It is a proven technology with a long history of success and reliability.

Why are Airvac vacuum sewer systems a great investment?

  • The fast and simple excavation required for an Airvac vacuum sewer system creates shallower trenches and uses smaller excavation equipment. Roads can remain fully or partially opened, creating far less disruption to your community.
  • Only 1 source of power is required at the vacuum station. A standby generator at the vacuum station provides uninterrupted service during power outages. No power is required at the house/valve pit.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs.
  • Operators never come in contact with raw sewage. Confined spaces are not an issue.
  • Blockages are almost nonexistent.
  • Multiple lift stations can be replaced. It is not uncommon for one vacuum station to replace 6-8 gravity lift stations.
  • Cost overruns are avoided due to vacuum’s vertical and horizontal routing flexibility. This allows unforeseen underground utility conflicts to easily be avoided.
  • Environmentally friendly. The system is entirely closed, prohibiting infiltration and inflow of groundwater, which protects waterways from exfiltrating wastewater. This also results in a reduced load on the treatment plant.

What are the best applications for a vacuum sewer system?

  • Vacuum sewer systems are an ideal candidate in any community.
  • Vacuum sewer systems are ideal for septic to sewer conversions as well as private developments.
  • Vacuum sewer systems are particularly attractive in environmentally sensitive areas or where difficult subsurface conditions exist - such as a high groundwater table, acid sulfate soils, unstable soils, rock, and restricted construction conditions. 


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