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The vacuum station is the heart of an Airvac Vacuum System.

Airvac Vacuum Station considerations: 

  • Where protection against flooding is a concern, the Airvac skid(s) can be housed in a two story structure with the vacuum pumps and the control panel located on the top floor and the collection tank and sewage pumps on the lower floor.
  • For customers who need a small vacuum station for an initial phase of a larger system, Airvac can house the vacuum station in a shipping container and make it available on a short-term lease basis.
  • Prefabricated options are also available.  

Engineered Custom Vacuum Stations

Engineered custom vacuum stations are ideally suited for larger systems with more than 550 connections and peak flows greater than 350 gpm. With an engineered custom vacuum station, Airvac provides all the internal components on a skid(s) which are housed in a building or other structure that is custom designed by an engineering firm.

PacVac Vacuum Stations

PacVac vacuum station models are ideally suited for small to medium-sized projects serving less than 550 connections and/or peak flows less than 350 gpm. Generally, the mechanical and electrical components are located on skids including the vacuum pumps, sewage pumps, collection tank and control panel. The skids are housed in a prefabricated building that can be supplied by Airvac depending on which model PacVac is used. The prefabricated building can either be installed on-grade or on a contractor-built basement vault.


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