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3” (78mm)

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The Airvac 3” (78mm) Vacuum Valve is the most dependable, industry leading, light weight piston valve and incorporates a valve positioning sensor for monitoring.

Now designed for handling 78mm solids.


Airvac 3” (78mm) Vacuum Valve Benefits

  • Inside diameter is designed for handling 78mm solids
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Pneumatic operation requires no electricity to operate
  • Airvac’s monitoring system easily connects to the vacuum valve through the built-in monitoring port
  • Full rubber tapered plunger flexes and prevents ice buildup. 
  • Uses a socket head bolt for firm attachment
  • Buna Rubber resists shrinkage due to chemical attack
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Inexpensive rebuild costs.
  • The geometry provides a high Cv factor, keeping friction losses through the valve to a minimum 
  • Recommended rebuilding timeframe is 15 years
  • Airvac Vacuum Valves and HP Controllers have independent certification for AS 4310-2204; EN16932-2018, and EN-1091

Featuring the Patent Pending Vacuum Supply Check Valve Assembly

  • High flow
  • Delivers high vacuum to the controller
  • Does not hold liquid and fully drains  - eliminating the potential to freeze
  • Large passages prevent blocking
  • Simple design is easy to work on
  • Has ports for monitoring or chart recorder connections
  • Patent pending


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