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AC Controller

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Airvac keeps new AC Controllers and rebuild kits in stock.

New AC Controllers and Rebuild Kits

Some Airvac customers continue to use the Airvac AC Controller. For those that do, we continue to keep new Airvac AC Controllers and rebuild kits in stock.

Many Airvac AC Controllers have been in operation since it first became available in the 1980‘s. To guarantee optimal performance, periodic service and/or rebuilding is necessary. Airvac recommends rebuilding your controller every 10 years (under normal conditions). Typical rebuild time is 15-30 minutes and involves cleaning the components, adding a rebuild kit and testing.

The AC Controller easily attaches to the vacuum valve with slip key mounting. This enables operators to easily install or remove the controller for scheduled maintenance, service, or replacement.

Repair Service

Airvac‘s service department repairs and rebuilds old controllers with the latest updates. 

Contact our service department at 1-800-AIRVAC9 for details.


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