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Strategic Monitoring for Advanced Remote Transfer.

System Benefits

  • Automatically monitor and control your entire vacuum system.
  • Perform automatic real-time system adjustments that previously required human interaction. 
  • Activate vacuum valves remotely. 
  • Control vacuum pump modulation. 
  • Wirelessly monitor valve pits.
  • Access controls on a mobile device.

Controlling a vacuum system’s behavior typically has been a reactive process where operators analyze system data and make adjustments accordingly. Or a problem may occur requiring an operator’s attention prior to any adjustment being made. 

With Airvac’s S.M.A.R.T. System, operation of the vacuum sewage system is taken to the next level. S.M.A.R.T. not only monitors the sewage system, but automatically makes real-time adjustments to optimize system hydraulics. This proactive approach of controlling the vacuum sewage system’s behavior results in increased system efficiency, prevents problems from occurring, increases end of line vacuum levels and reduces operation & maintenance costs. 

Proactive not reactive 
Potential problems are not only identified but adjustments are made automatically to correct them.

A More Efficient System 
System imbalances can be quickly overcome, resulting in a more efficient system, fewer callouts, and lower power bills. 

Built in Purge Cycle
A “purge” cycle can be programmed into the logic controller that will automatically clear the vacuum mains at predetermined times to ensure that waterlogging of the system during critical times will not occur.

Airvac is Connected 24/7
Airvac specialists can monitor your system in real-time providing another set of eyes for the system operator. 

System Updates are Pushed Automatically
Airvac automatically pushes new programming updates remotely to keep the S.M.A.R.T. System current. 


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