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Modulation is the key to savings

Modulation is a patent pending program logic that improves the manner in which your vacuum system functions. Previous designs required vacuum pumps to turn on at 16”Hg and off at 20” Hg in response to vacuum levels within the vacuum system. 

The modulation sequence controls the speed of the vacuum pumps to maintain a tighter vacuum range and speeds up and slows down depending on the demand of the vacuum system. It is unusual for the pumps to ever operate at full speed. 

Since the pumps are not turning on and off as frequently and are running at lower speeds, modulation also significantly reduces the overall power consumption and creates less heat and noise.

Modulation has proven so effective that capital outlay can be paid back in as little as eighteen months through energy savings alone. 


Vacuum Pump Modulation Benefits

  • Reduction of up to 35% of current power usage. 
  • Noise and heat reduction provide safety and comfort to operators.
  • More consistent vacuum pressure throughout the system results in a more reliable system.
  • Improved end-of-line vacuum levels.
  • Potential for energy grants.


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