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Model 3
Sump Breather

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Model 3 Diaphragm Sump Breather (Patent Pending)

In keeping with Airvac’s longstanding commitment to continually improve our products, we are pleased to introduce our new Model 3 Diaphragm Sump Breather.

This new patent pending pressure activated Sump Breather is characterized by its uncomplicated operation and a flexible diaphragm that reacts to breather pipe pressure. It not only protects the controller from moisture and water, it also eliminates the need for a high sewage sump float for monitoring.

It also features a built-in port for simple wireless monitoring connectivity.

  • Normal liquid levels: The sensor pipe pressure ranges from 0” (sump emptied) to 6” (level where valve normally cycles).
  • Abnormally high liquid level: When sewage level becomes abnormally high, the sensor pressure continues to rise. When 22” of pressure is present, the diaphragm will seal off the ports of the sump breather, protecting the controller from water and moisture damage. An internal switch will activate which provides a high sewage sump level signal for monitoring. As a result, high sewage sump floats are no longer required.
  • When a problem is corrected: When a system operation problem is corrected, the valve will cycle, and the sewage sump will be emptied. The sensor pipe pressure will drop to 0” allowing the valve and controller to return to normal operation.

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