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Airvac's Proprietary
Interactive eCabinet

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Interactive eCabinet

Unique Features:

Interactive eCabinet
The interactive eCabinet provides a “real time” assessment of the vacuum sewer system. Prior to the interactive eCabinet, data was derived from system operators traveling to the job site, collecting data, analyzing, and developing a report. With the invention of the interactive eCabinet, key performance indicators are analyzed, computed, and displayed in real time at the control panel.

The interactive eCabinet displays helpful system information, including:

  • A preventative maintenance log.
  • A pump oil life calculator.
  • Modulation information and parameters.
  • Sewage pump efficiency.
  • System air-to-liquid ratio.
  • Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting tutorial videos.

Airvac recognizes that every system is unique, and control panel design must reflect this diversity. Customers have the option to tailor the control panel to their specific needs. This customization can include using starters instead of VFDs or relay logic instead of a PLC. While these options may reduce some functionalities, they provide the adaptability required for future system modifications.

For existing systems, replacement control panels may include non-standard level controls, communication methods, or vacuum level trending. Airvac ensures that their technology can adapt to the specific requirements of any vacuum sewer system, regardless of its vintage.

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