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Valve Pits

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Durable and corrosion resistant with variations available to suit any project.

Airvac Valve Pit Benefits

  • Valve pits include an anti-buoyancy collar 
  • Operators are never exposed to raw sewage while doing maintenance. 
  • Electricity is not required at the valve pit.
  • Special plumbing fixtures are not required by the homeowner.
  • Airvac valve pits are H-20 traffic rated.
  • Airvac valve pits are made with durable materials and have a long life.
  • Airvac valve pits are available in multiple depths to accommodate customer needs.
  • All components of the valve pit are corrosion resistant.
  • A special valve pit with insulation is available for cold-weather applications.

Airvac has three styles of valve pits available to suit any situation:

  • A 1-piece valve pit. 
  • A 2-piece valve pit. 
  • A 2-piece cold weather valve pit. 
  • Depths are available ranging from 5 ft to 10 ft. 

Airvac sumps are rotationally molded and are made entirely of polyethylene. All valve pits include an anti-buoyancy collar and have an H-20 traffic load rating. In addition, the valve pit package includes a special flexible PVC hose (Airvac Flexible Connector) to easily connect the outgoing 3” vacuum line from the valve pit to the vacuum main.


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